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Hello. :D

I randomly came upon this community (I didn't even know fanbitches was deleted..?), and I feel like bitching, so I joined. :D

I HATE people who try to cover up their fangirliness by asserting -after- they go on some splooge about how hot someone is that "of course they also love the music". Who do they think they're fooling, for chrissake?? x.x;

I joined a Nightmare community to let money-making Nightmare fans that I'm selling the crap I had to buy to go to their in store event last week, and there I see THIS POST:

"new to the community and new to the band but I love their music and Ruka is gorgeous xDDD
but seriously, they have some really really good songs!"

...I think my brain shot through my EYE reading that post. x.x; This is why this person is just a dumb fangirl:

1. Anyone with ears knows Nightmare is not a "good" band. >.< I mean, even if you like them for songs like GAIA, which are fun, you really can't compare the songwriting to.. Yoshiki or something. x.x; It just doesn't happen. Play their new single and then play Art of Life and tell me what's going on. --; They're just a fun band.

2. You don't say someone's hot and -then- say "ohandthey'reagoodband,yeah". x.x Obviously you saw some pictures and then downloaded a song off soulseek. :x Nightmare is one of those rare bands where there's not an ugly member, which means that people who from the beginning don't care much about music flock to them. x.x; There were so many people at their tour final like that, I really thought I was going to spontaneously combust. x.x; I swear they were more interested in reaching for Sakito's ballsack as he stood on an amp than actually enjoying the live and the music (if they had good songs, going back to number one, it could have been a calmer live where people don't just constantly beat people down to get closer to their favorite member).

...then you take a band like Nookicky, where everyone just -stands- there. :x Occassional bouncing. That's because.. :D You can -listen- to their lives. :D It's cool. :D

Speaking of Nookicky, I wonder if full would be amused to know that he's one of the only interests of a community dedicated to bitching violently. :D
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