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Okay, first of all I'd like to say that drama is annoying. Purposely trying to create drama is even more annoying. :D Let's stop it. :D

Then, I'd like to go on to bitch about people who refuse to recognize that EVERY person who likes jrock has a bit of fangirl in them. People who say they don't have an ounce of it in them are LYING. The guys purposely try to be hot. If you don't recognize it, you're not letting them do their job.

What's even more annoying than people who just refuse to admit they get all hot over (enter jrock guy name here), are people who are fangirls but bitch about fangirls like they're not doing it themselves. You can't bitch at someone for being like "____ is hot" and then be like "AHAHAHAHA yeah ____ r0xx0rs my b0xx0rs".

Also, refusing to look at members of bands realistically is something I consider fangirlism. If you can't admit that _____'s bony toes are wicked gross, even though they plainly -are-, then you're commiting an act of fangirlism. That's the difference between being a fangirl and being a fan/really liking a member. Fangirls don't recognize faults and fans welcome them.

So, liking a member of a band and saying he's hot is not fangirlism. Taking it -way- overboard is.

And I'll end by asking you to give me your opinion on whether or not this is fangirly, just to see what everyone thinks (I'll say first that I don't think it is, but some people who shit themselves when someone is like "*drool* ___" might): I'm making a scarf for _____'s birthday.

Discuss amongst yourselves. :D
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