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For non-members wanting to join

I have one question before you click the "join community" link.

Why do you want to be apart of our group? Is it to snoop for a friend who couldn't get in? Is it so that you can post your opinions on your favorite music? What is it?

There have been an over abundance of people joining who have "fangirl support" ribbons or other stupid items like that in their userinfo. We don't like fangirls? Anyway, we want to know why you want to join.

If you send a request to join and you don't comment to this post, your membership will be rejected.

♥ Lisa and Mary
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I just get annoyed when there are fangirls that are just...fangirls...and I can't find another community that i can join that there are no people that only post mentioning how hot/sexy/much they want a guy, even without mentioning the music.
I want to be part of this group because:

I like the music(duh), but I don't dig the fans. I'm not into the whole "anime" scene. And I hate that because i like japanese music, people a: assume i like the cartoons too, or b: am a lesbian because of how the jrockers sometimes look. BLAH I DONT CARE HOW THEY LOOK. JEEZE. tons of my favorite american artists are well, fucking ugly. Who doesnt like a nice hot asian man, but still, thats secondary. I'd buy some gay porn magazine if that was all I was looking for.
I would dearly like to join because...

I dislike how they only like a band for looks, you ask them their favorite album and they'll tell you,"What they're in a band?", or tell you, "Oh! I like all of them!1!11one!1!1". Or some shit like that. They need to get over the fact that 'jrockers' are real men, and stop whining on how they don't like a certain member anymore because he has a girlfriend, they need to get lives and stop fantizising over something they'll never achieve. I loathe the fact that they'll dislike a band just because they aren't visual anymore, it's the depth of the music and lyrics that counts, not how they look. But of course, their un-wanted idealistism has built a barrier that makes that fact uncomprehensible for them. The recent breed of fangirlism makes me die a little inside, everytime they make some no-brain, 'Iwanttofuckallthejrockersomggacktissohot1!1!1!one!1!1' comment.
Hi. ^_^ I'd like to join for the following reasons:

1.) I was a member before on the journal minage, however I've changed journals.
2.) I think fangirls come in various forms, however the annoying ones really wrack my nerves. ('Cause, I'm a fangirl, however, I do not get all "SQUEALYOMGIWANTTOHAVEHISBABIES" over them.)
3.) Although I hardly posted, if at all, I really liked reading the commentary and posts.
4.) I hate fangirls? Eh-heh. I'm not good at these...
All you had to do was just tell me you switched Journals :3~ Sending invitation ^-^


13 years ago

I forgot to do this before...sorry. ^^;

I realize and appreciate that visual bands put a lot of time and work into their appearance, but that's only one part of them. To focus solely on the image of a band that works even harder on their music is just wrong. Sometimes fangirls really don't seem to care much at all that these men actually make music. It makes me sick, but more so when I see the drama they cause everywhere they go over the silliest things. I'm basically looking for a place where I can rant and get my (fangirl-related) frustrations out without bothering my friends.
Visual bands work hard to make their music, and they have fans out there that care. I just wanted to join so I could express my feelings for these bands, and maybe talk a little about them, because my friends don't seem to like J-Rock. But, when I see fangirls out there that care only about looks, not the hard work that the artists put into their music, it makes me sick. Those kinds of people need to grow up. No offense to those kinds of people, but I just think it's rude and shallow.
I'm tired of seeing lot's of people in the forums posting things along the lines of: "XXXX is sooo hot and so cool and bla bla bla" and I've seen that in several spanish boards (where I'm from) from people who has just found a random pic of some jrocker and then "poouf" they become the greatest fans (or that's what they thing). And they are hysteric; I hate hysteric people.
I think's ok to appreciate beauty when you see it, but there is a long road from that to scream that you are gonna rape them -_-
Sorry, I forgot to write this when I joined, I hope you don't mind...
I'd like to join because I've come across people who only like J-rock bands/musicians for absolutely superficial reasons (to a point where they're saying they don't really like the music, but the looks make up for it), and that's really frustrating. I really admire and enjoy bands for the music that they're making, and I think it would be nice to be in a community where everyone could be mature and not burst into glass-shattering fangirlish squeals. :)
I'd like to join this community because, although I definitely appreciate a good visual when I see one, that's not what matters when it comes to a band. What matters is that I can get into their music, love it, and enjoy screeching and dancing along to them. I'd like to hear people discussing the music (and bitching when need-be, because I'm snarky like that).
Well my main reason was that fanbitches was an interesting community. Since everyone is offering these confessions of fangirl-hate, though, I might as well.

It's ok to be human and enjoy the aesthetic aspects of bands, but they're primarily musicians and not models. Fangirls tend to obsess obnoxiously over them in completely incoherent spelling/grammar while denying their fangirlism. They're usually Japanophiles or Asianophiles, which is annoying as fuck because I'm Asian myself. Many of them see some Jrocker and go "OMG ALL THE BOIS IN JAPAN ARE LIK THAT!11 I <333 ASIAN BOYZ!!!111!1" Hmmm, actually, that's not annoying. It's FUNNY. It's fun to mock idiots like the described fangirls, and thats why I want to be a part of this community. :O
You're in :D!~ Thank you for being one of the very few who reply to this post ^^;

I tend to hate reading comments about all these girls saying "oh. I never heard them, but damn they're hot ^____^" (only.. add in more... fangirliness?) e__E;. And I love how they all think Japanese men look like Dir en grey. Ummm.. no :D!

Anyways, since I do want to make a formal introduction to myself. The reason why I want to join this community (again) is because, I hate fangirls with a passion. Especially those who dont know who the person is, but still humps their leg anyways. I mean, it's okay for people to joke once in a while but stuff like "OMGOMGOMG I WANT TO SO HAVE SEX WITH ______!1! AND HAVE THEIR KID11!!!!" is so fucking annoying.

Anyways, we all have to mock stupid people once in a while. What better place than to do it here? :D;
sorry, forgot to comment. well i want to join because one of the aspects of it i'm against is the whole possessive thing. it saddens and annoys me.

and the other thing is i wouldn't mind talking about fans in general, it's interesting.. and i don't take it that seriously anyway.
I want to join because I am just..insaitiably curious....

People annoy me in general, and I'm always up for a bit of bitchery when I feel grumpy.
Being a part of a music fandom entails enduring a lot of shit.....primarily rabid fangirls. In this case, it is highly annoying that these fangirls obsess over the artists looks, to the point where they overlook the most important thing: the damn music. This community, based on the description, seems to understand that sentiment. I would like to chat with people who actually care about the music and not how LIKOMGTOSHIYAISHOT!111!!!!!!!
I want to join this group..because frankly,
I'm fed up wth fangirls. They're really, really...I can't think of a word enough. They ONLY care about a band or an artist because of the LOOKS, and while they MAY be goodlooking....that ISN'T the whole point of everything. It's an insult to the bands and artists to care only about the looks.... they're not just dolls, they're actual people. While these people may be pretty, that isn't all that's there >O< Looks are just a shell, yo...
Fangirls have ruined Anime for me, and I'm happy as a clam at high tide when I find out there's a PLACE to show my HATE for the squealy evil. (the fanfiction is also a TAD bit creepy. Really. Maybe MORE than a tad.)
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